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 Discover an extraordinary musical journey born during the challenging days of Covid-19. Amidst the chaos, technology became a lifeline for daily tasks and staying connected. Embracing social media, Johnny shared weekly live performances, blending timeless classics with fresh melodies, a digital oasis in a time of uncertainty. The inspiration for this album sprouted from the overwhelming requests pouring in during these live sessions.


Facing limitations on travel and studio access, collaboration thrived through virtual meetings with the talented Bill Shanley. What began as distant exchanges swiftly evolved into the soulful backbone of this album. Navigating through unprecedented times, as restrictions eased, the music came to life through socially distanced collaborations.


Despite the unconventional recording process, the stories shared by concertgoers and their resilience during that era inspired the decision to bring this album to light. 

This album is a heartfelt dedication to your unwavering support.


Embrace the melodies that emerged from a time of adaptation and resilience. 

1. The Homes Of Donegal

2. The Old Dungarvin Oak

3. The Sun’s Last Rays

4. Sarah

5. You're A Long Way From The Sun

6. Working Man

7. The Swallows Return

8. By The Side Of The Rolling Sea

9. Daisy A Day

10. Spillars Lane

11. If Those Lips Could Only Speak

12. The Cuckoo's Calling

13. My Love For You

Swallows Return

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