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George Murphy

George Murphy is an Irish singer songwriter who hails from the Dublin suburb of Beaumount. He exploded onto the Irish music scene after his memorable appearances on the RTE Television show “You’re a Star”. Just out of secondary school at the age of 17 he very quickly took over the Irish music scene. He signed to Sony Ireland and his debut album ‘Dreamed A Dream’ went to No.1 in the Irish charts. The album eventually went on to gain triple Platinum status. George had made a big impact with insiders on the Irish Music scene, Phil Coulter was quoted as saying that George “Is the most exciting vocal find in Ireland”, The late Ronnie Drew was quoted saying “A voice beyond his years”, Peggy Seeger was quoted saying “A very honest approach to the songs, kept them true to their Origin” and Hotpress magazine described him at the time as “A serious contender”.

George enjoyed a lot of success in the early part of his career playing a lot of top festivals and venues in Ireland. In 2006 George went on to release his 2nd album “So The story goes” and the title track got to No.7 in the Irish Singles Chart. That same year he played O2 in the Park and shared the stage with Brian McFadden who was making his debut as a solo artist after leaving Westlife. In 2007 he played support for Madness when they were on tour in Ireland playing the Point Depot Dublin and the Marquee in Cork.

By 2009 George and Sony Ireland had parted company and he decided to embark on a small tour in America where he released his 3rd album “The Ballad of Archie Thompson”. He enjoyed modest success playing festivals in New York, Chicago, Florida, and in 2010 decided that he wanted to move over and live there altogether. 


He spent 3 years in the States which saw him headline many festivals and gained plenty of experience along with a whole bunch of new fans.

For personal reasons George came back to Ireland in 2013, he had grown a little tired of the road and felt that he had lost some motivation. A dark time was to follow and as he said himself “It’s a tough life being on the road as an artist, it’s full of ups and downs, the highs are very high but the lows are very low”. Fortunately, it didn’t take George too long to get back on his feet, he started taking writing his own material more seriously and began playing small pubs, clubs and small music venues trying out some of his new material. “It’s a difficult bridge to cross playing your own songs to a live audience”

George's Band

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