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Ian Drew


Ian Drew was born and raised in the heart of Ireland, Dublin. Since birth he was raised listening to his cousin, Ronnie Drew, from the very well-known Irish folk band, the Dubliners. At the age of 17, Ian always wanted to follow in Ronnie’s footsteps and dreamt of becoming a singer. Ronnie wasn’t Ians only influence, Luke Kelly, Liam Clancy, Ewan MacColl were all big folk influences on him and Freddie Mercury is his all time favourite.

Ian has been entertaining people from far and wide since 2012 in Dublin City centre as a singer and performer, as well as performing in Switzerland, Norway, UK, USA, Canada and Hungary to name as few. In 2013 Ian got the amazing opportunity to perform ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’ In Dublin’s Croke Park. Ian has had the opportunity to sing alongside some of Ireland’s greatest musicians, from Glen Hansard to The Dublin City Ramblers.

Ian has release two albums with Trad Nua's 'Stable Sessions' Live DVD/CD Album Series, his most recent being 'In Good Company' in 2019.

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