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Johnny McEvoy – The Story So Far  – Double Vinyl

This limited edition is a unique collection of 21 signature songs from Johnny McEvoy spanning from 1966-2019.

This unique collectors item is finished to the very highest of standards with the outer sleeve done in a matt white finish and Johnny’s name done in embossed gold. On the inside you will find the lyrics to 21 of Johnny’s signature songs along with intros for each song all written by Johnny. It also features some personal pictures along with some pen and ink drawings done by Johnny. The vinyls have been mixed and mastered specifically for vinyl and are done on high grade 180 gram vinyl giving you the look, feel and sound quality of yesteryear.



A Side

Muirsheen Durkin

The Planters Daughter

The Ballad Of John Williams

If Wishes Were Fishes

Those Browns Eyes

Never Smelt The Roses

Time (21.39)

B Side

Going To California


The Sailor

Boston Burglar

Every Night I Dream Of Being A Cowboy

Time (21.06)

C Side

The Shores Of Amerikay

Richman’s Garden


Where My Eileen Is Waiting For Me

The Town I Left Behind

Time (18.26)

D Side

Three Score And Ten

Long Before Your Time

The Ballad Of Anne Frank

You Seldom Comes To See Me Anymore


Time (21.32)


This collectors item is the only product available that features all of Johnny’s signature songs on one record.

There is only 300 copies of this limited edition album. 

Limited Edition Johnny McEvoy – The Story So Far – Double Vinyl

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