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The Mirror on the wall- Johnny McEvoy


Track Listings:

1. Standing On Your Own

2. Jamie Johnson

3.  Down By The Riverside

4.  Sonny’s Dream

5.  Record Hop

6. Gra Mo Croi

7.  The West’s Awake

8.  The Band That Played Red River Valley

9.  Goodbye To The Cabaret

10. If Wishes Were Fishes

11. Standing By My Side

12. The Valley Of Tears

13. Easy With Me Now

14. The Ballad Of John Glover

15. I’d Welcome You Back


RELEASE DATE: October 5th

ARTIST: Johnny McEvoy

LABEL: Trad Nua

PRODUCER: Bill Shanley


Johnny McEvoy - The Mirror On The Wall

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€12.00Sale Price
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