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Irish Folklore: Fairies

The Whitethorn tree is also known as the ’Fairy tree’. It is said that fairies would dance around them to celebrate the beginning of summer.

There are so many Irish myths and legends, we have become known for having a rich history filled with old legends and folklore. One of the most interesting and famous has to be the fairies. They are said to be neither human nor ghost, they are small beings with supernatural powers.

There are thousands of ‘fairy forts’ scattered around Ireland today because of the superstition that you do not touch the homes of the fairies or they will seek revenge. These are prehistoric ring forts with a mysterious origin. In the past, people used fairy folklore to explain their presence, now farmers refuse to touch these fairy forts/fairy rings because of the superstitions surrounding them. There are many legends surrounding these fairy rings. These are often associated with danger, being linked with witches or the devil. Legend has it that any human who enters a fairy ring will have to dance with the fairies until they go mad or perish with exhaustion.

This particular Irish legend is still taken seriously today with strong superstitions protecting locations associated with fairies. Nobody wants to risk the curse of bad luck that might come with interfering with sacred fairy locations. Keep an eye out for the fairies next time you're out in nature...

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