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Guitar Playing

Trad Nua is an Independent Irish Record Label with a simple vision:

To keep Traditional Irish Arts alive by sustaining Fresh & Modern Irish Music. We strive to bring our past heritage into our present. Our traditions are a gift from our past but we bring our heritage into the present by connecting and signing fresh Irish musicians that are dedicated to keeping our Irish roots alive. Irish traditions are at the heart of everything that we do here at Trad Nua, from our own roots to our everyday culture.

Irish Music is deep rooted in our Culture & Society. We know that Irish music plays a huge part in our every day Irish culture, both at home and all over the world. You just have to pop into any pub across our little green island to get a taste of a ‘Trad Session’ – ‘Trad’ is the short for Traditional Irish music and would typically feature some world instruments such as the fiddle, a piano and acoustic guitar along with some of our older and more home-grown instruments like Uilleann pipes (pronounced ‘ill-in’ pipes), a Bodhrán (pronounced bow-rawn) and the Celtic harp (cláirseach – pronounced Clar-sock) which is actually the official symbol of Ireland and featured on the cover of all of our Irish passports. ‘Nua’ is the Gaelic for ‘New’ – so Trad Nua is where long established traditions meet new, fresh and exciting approaches.


We love our Irish roots. We love our Irish roots as do many Irish people or any people that have any links to Ireland with ‘The Luck of The Irish’ being a very popular turn of phrase, internationally. What do we value? We value heritage, culture and purity.

-from the Neolithic era to today. This is why we have chosen the symbol of the triskele which is an ancient Celtic symbol, from the Neolithic era- and the word Triskele is derived from the greek word ‘Triskeles’ – meaning three legs. This Celtic motif symbolises the motion of action, cycles, progress, and revolution. At Tradnua, we know that the Triskele can stand for so much but for us it is the representation of the spirit, the mind and the body all come alive with music. It also stands for the past, present and future.This is very important in every approach that we take as a record label, as a team and as an Irish company.

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