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Shay recorded 9 tracks live with some of Ireland’s leading and talented musicians over 3 days. The session showcases Shay as one of Ireland’s top writers and it includes tracks like “What’s Another Year” a song Shay wrote about his father, “Boop Boop Bedoo” a song Shay wrote for his son Oisín to let him know that he would always be there for him…. Shays Son is an emigrant in Australia. The song “Stardust” is a very moving song which is sure to strike a chord with everyone that’s hears it….



1- Right Girl Comes

2- Shitkickers Waltz

3- Stardust

4- Butterfly

5- Boop Boop Bedoo

6- What’s Another Year

7- Even If It’s Only for a Minute

8- Making Mountains Out of Mohills

9- Gimme some Gin

Shay Healy – The Stable Sessions – Stardust

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